from Prague with love

Handcrafted trdelníks fresh from the oven


What’s a trdelník?

Trdelník, also known as “trdlo”, is a type of spit cake from the Hungarian speaking part of Transylvania. While it is available throughout several countries in the region, it is a crowd favorite especially in Prague - capital of Czech Republic.  

At Český, we pride ourselves on making our dough fresh in store daily. Our handmade dough is wrapped around a traditional-style roll and baked until the topping caramelizes. Crunchy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside - just the way trdelníks should be.  


This treat dough! ;)  

The secret to making delicious trdelník is a perfect base - so we make our dough from scratch day in and day out, using flour from Hokkaido, Japan. We traveled all the way to Europe to perfect our technique, and to acquire ovens and rolls that are especially designed to bake our trdelníks to perfection. Only the best for the best - YOU!